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Action Alerts!

August 2018 – Update on Statewide Measures from CRRA

CRRA members! 

Three important bills are in need of YOUR help. The bills must pass by the end of the month, and are just out of the Appropriations committee today. 

The Action Requested is to:

FIND your Assemblymember (try this useful site)

CALL their capitol office to register your support for SB 1335, SB 168, and SB 212

ASK  for their “YES” vote when these bills head to the Assembly Floor next week.

With your call we can overcome the fierce opposition these bills face from the plastics, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries, respectively. 

SB 1335 (Allen) – Recyclable and Compostable Food Packaging

This bill takes action to prevent plastic pollution in the environment by transitioning all food packaging provided at state parks, beaches, and facilities to only recyclable and compostable materials. SB 1335 creates a pathway for the state to take the lead in working to achieve California’s 75% waste diversion from landfill goal and would leverage the state’s buying power to drive down the cost of reusable, recyclable and compostable food packaging which will help small businesses more easily make the switch as well. SB 1335 elevates the series of product manufacturers that have significantly invested in recycling and composting infrastructure and markets for their materials. The bill would ensure simple compliance by food service vendors by protecting existing food service contracts and making a publicly accessible list of all acceptable packaging for future contracts. 

SB 168 (Wieckowski) – Recycled Content in Beverage Containers

In light of China’s recent recycled material import ban, SB 168 would create new markets for recycled materials in California by requiring all beverage containers – including plastic, glass, and aluminum – sold and manufactured in California to be made, in part, with recycled material. Without new markets for recycled material in California, recyclables diligently placed into recycling bins by consumers will be increasingly sent to landfill. In a state that purchases more than 24 billion beverage containers every year, the incorporation of recycled material into the manufacture of those containers represents and enormous opportunity to protect recycling in California.

SB 212 (Jackson) – Statewide Safe Medicine and Needle Disposal           

SB 212 is the culmination of over 6 years of work to get a statewide program for medication and needle disposal established and paid for by the drug and needle manufacturers, duplicating what France,  Canada, Mexico and many other countries have done.  California already has 9 counties that passed producer pays ordinances for safe medicine and needle disposal, most recently in Tehama County in June 2018.  California’s epidemic of prescription drug abuse is fueled by medicines left unlocked homes and improperly disposed needles create public health hazard as well as add significant costs to public transit, parks, waste and water departments who have to clean them up.  Workers are stuck with needles and suffer emotional trauma.  It’s time to finally pass a statewide bill that California can be proud of and will lead the nation to providing safe and convenient medicine and needle disposal paid for by the product producers.


June 2018 – Statewide measures


Don’t forget your “please” and “Thank you’s…”

ACTION ALERT NEWS: AB 2779 was not brought up on the Assembly Floor this past week after all (by June 1, 2018) . This means that the bill is done for this year, but it’s great how far we made it!

Please thank the co-authors for all of their great work on the bill.


Plastic pollution One Pager_UPDATED 5_22_18

AB 319 “Leash the Lid” (2017) and AB 2779 “CONNECT THE CAP”(2018) would have  ensured that all of the bottles collected in California’s bottle deposit/ CRV program have caps connected so they don’t escape into the environment and add to the ocean plastic pollution problem.

Background: In response to public pressure in the 1970s, the beverage Industry redesigned the aluminum pull tab on soda cans to help solve the litter problem their cans were creating. Public Pressure can solve the Plastic Bottle Cap pollution problem. 

This legislative season’s good news is that SB 1335 (Allen) Sustainable Food Packaging did pass through the State Senate. We will keep on eye on that bill’s progress.

Also, the bill regarding straws only upon request did pass. AB 1884 (Calderon).

Good job everyone and let’s keep up the steam to reduce waste in California!