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Terracycle: Hasbro Free Recycling Program

Sign up with our Hasbro Free Recycling Program with Terracycle and recycle all things Hasbro. The Hasbro Free Recycling Program is brand-specific, meaning you only recycle this brand’s packaging. Instead of throwing them away, ship your box of toys and games! Please ensure your box is full and weighs at least 7 pounds before shipping it. 

Simply fill out the form for your complimentary shipping label. In the next few days, you’ll receive your complimentary shipping label to recycle your Hasbro toys, games, and packaging.

Here are some examples of Hasbro games and toys that are accepted in this program.

Hasbro doll
☑️ Hasbro toys
Hasbro Easy Bake toy
☑️ Hasbro toys
Hasbro disk drop game
☑️ Hasbro games
Hasbro Play-Doh
☑️ Hasbro toys
Hasbro toy
☑️ Hasbro toys
Hasbro Wooden Bricks
☑️ Hasbro games
Hasbro Monopoly game
☑️ Hasbro games
Hasbro Unicorn Toy
☑️ Hasbro toys
Hasbro Robot
☑️ Hasbro toys

When it is time to ship, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Ensure the box is full.
    To minimize our carbon footprint for this program
  2. Items are in a plastic liner.
    UPS will not accept any boxes that are leaking. The liner will make sure the box is dry.
  3. Fill out the form (below) to receive a shipping label.
  4. Tape the label on the box and take that box to a UPS drop-off location.
Shipping Label Request Form: Hasbro