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    Repairing is the new recycling. Give an item extra life by fixing or repairing what you have before and consuming something new. To repair means to restore a good or sound condition after decay or damage; to mend.

    We tend to think of most things as “disposable” If something is broken we throw it away. 


    The longer we are able to use things like appliances, furniture and clothing, the CO2 footprint of the item reduces and many precious resources are conserved. 

    The Repair Manifesto 

    Make your products live longer!

    Repairing means taking the opportunity to give your product a second life. Don’t ditch it, stitch it! Don’t end it, mend it! Repairing is not anti-consumption, it is anti-needlessly throwing things away.


    Things should be designed so that they can be repaired

    Product designers: Make your products repairable. Share clear, understandable information about DIY. 

    Consumers: Buy things you know can be repaired, or else find why they don’t exist. Be critical and inquisitive


    Repair is not replacement

    Replacement is throwing away the broken bit. This is NOT the kind of repair that we’re talking about.

    What doesn’t kill it makes it stronger.

    Every time we repair something, we add to its potential, its history, its soul and its inherent beauty.

    Repairing is a creative challenge

    Making repairs is good for the imagination. Using new techniques, tools and materials ushers in possibility rather than dead ends.

    Repair survives fashion

    Repair is not about styling or trends. There are no due-dates for repairable items.

    To repair is to discover

    As you fix objects, you’ll learn amazing things about how they actually work. Or, don’t work.

    Repair – even in good times!

    If you think this manifesto has to do with the recession, forget it. This isn’t about money, it’s about a mentality

    Repaired things are unique.

    Even fakes become original when you repair them.

    Repairing is about independence

    Don’t be a slave to technology – be its master. If it’s broken, fix it and make it better. And if you’re a master, empower others.


    You can repair anything, even a plastic bag.

    But, we’d recommend getting a bag that will last longer, and then repairing it if necessary.

    Stop Recycling. Start Repairing


    Resources for Clothing and Shoe Repairs:

    • You can find a local tailor at most dry cleaning businesses 
    • You can find shoe repair shops at a leather repair store
    • Nordstorm will repair any shoes for a small cost
    • Appliances
    • Most appliances can be repaired and parts can be easily ordered with the correct model and serial number
    • SD Fixit Clinic – click here to view upcoming event dates
    Image: A group of people holding a Fix-It sign