About Zero Waste San Diego

What is Zero Waste San Diego?

Zero Waste San Diego is a 501(c)3
Our non-profit is supported by the efforts of dedicated, community-minded volunteers who share the vision of a healthier environment and more vibrant economy through Zero Waste. non-profit organization committed to promoting a healthier environment and more vibrant economy through Zero Waste. We promote the benefits of Zero Waste through workshops, education, outreach, event-greening, community organizing, reuse and film festivals, and consulting for businesses and governments. 

Zero Waste San Diego Campaigns:

Promoting Development of a Countywide Zero Waste Plan

Creating Zero Waste Communities in San Diego County

Transforming Landfills into Resource Recovery Parks

Promoting reuse and repair events in the San Diego County

Promoting Single Use Plastic Bag Ban in San Diego County

Removing Organics from Landfill

The Symposium

This year’s symposium will focus on the Price of Convenience, that small economic exchange that happens when we accept easy over practicality.  In exchange, for convenience, we create a lot of excess material with no available end-use markets.  


City of San Diego Environmental Partner Award 2015
CRRA Zero Waste Achievement Award 2014
San Diego Earth Works Earth Fair Partnership Award 2013

“If you are not for Zero Waste, then how much waste are you for?”

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