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Mission Statement

Our Mission

Zero Waste San Diego’s mission is to create, promote and implement programs that:

  • Maximize management and conservation of resources
  • Reduce discard-related greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming
  • Educate and persuade citizens, businesses, and governments in the San Diego County region to adopt and enact a zero-waste principles
  • Provide ideas and guidance through the process of making and implementing Zero Waste plans in our region
Last Updated: October 2021
It is possible to eliminate the detritus of our lives and its negative impact on our planet and our future. We can do this by recovering the valuable commodities we currently throw away, developing markets and technology for as much of it as possible, and finding alternatives that allow us to eliminate what is not reusable.

If you are not for Zero Waste, then how much waste are you for?

Zero Waste San Diego (ZWSD) is a 501(c)3 non-profit group that plans to persuade all nineteen jurisdictions in San Diego County to adopt zero waste goals. You can help by writing letters to our elected officials, joining our listserv, or volunteering to help get the word out and put Zero Waste program in action. For a cleaner environment and more sustainable economy…Go Zero Waste!

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