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Event Photos


Another day of educating the community on the positive effects of zero waste!


We like to share information on zero waste efforts made globally.

North Coast Calvry Chapel Earth Day Event

Check out our booth at the North Coast Calvry Chapel Earth Day Event.

Ecofilm Festival 2008

We enjoy educating at local fairs and events including San Diego Earth Day, EcoFilm Festival, Reuse & Repair Fair and many more!


She is surprised about the content currently found in our landfill. Many items that are recyclable are mistakenly tossed into the trash!


A slideshow educating the community on Zero Waste!

Re-use and Repair Fair and EcoFilm Festival 3

Check out this Reuse Repair Fair Schedule. We can repair items so they do not end up in the trash!


Compost Office at Tour de Fat.

Compost Office at Tour de Fat

Come visit us. We can teach you where everything goes!


Happy zero waste volunteers at our booth.