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Clothing Repair Workshop

April 1, 2023 @ 10:30 am 12:30 pm PDT

A two hour hands on workshop on how to repair clothes to empower individuals to do basic clothing repairs and provide end of life resources.

SD Fixit Clinic is partnering with Sophie founder of Positive Phee to host a Clothing Repair Workshop.

​​Sophie, founder of “Positive Phee” spent a decade in the fashion industry in London, England where she is originally from. Seeing a gap in the market for truly ethical fashion Positive Phee was born. Positive Phee offers events & services that promote circular fashion, giving a new life to the clothes donated and stopping them from going to landfill. In addition, Positive Phee also works with fellow Fashion Designers who specialize in Upcycling to bring you unique and wearable art. These one of a kind pieces are created from items that would otherwise be headed to landfill so you can feel extra positive about your purchase. Did you know…. The Fashion Industry is the Second largest contributor to global pollution! Fashion production makes up 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions, dries up water sources, and pollutes rivers and streams. What’s more, 85% of all textiles go to the dump each year (UNECE, 2018), and washing some types of clothes sends a significant amount of microplastics into the ocean. [Source] By mending and repairing your clothing, you are making sure that you can wear it for longer, which means you are slowing down how much you consume and making sure that less goes to waste. What you will learn by attending this workshop
  • How to assess damage and determine whether or not a repair is worth the effort.
  • Where to get the proper supplies needed for repair.
  • How to execute the repair safely.
  • How to prepare your item for repair.
  • Provide ideas and resources to local platforms and upcyclers if repair is not the best option to keep clothing/fabric scraps out of our landfills.
Workshop Criteria:
  • All participants must be 18 years or older or be accompanied by an adult /and sign a liability waiver.
  • Participants must bring no more than one item/project per person. Refer to the checklist below to check item matches criteria. The item must be shared in advance directly with Sophie to confirm that it qualifies.
  • Participants must send an image of their item to Sophie prior to the workshop and have the item approved by her as suitable. Instructions will be sent via confirmation email. Anyone that does not submit in time (48 hours prior to the event) will have a project given to them by Sophie.
  • Participants must take their clothing with them upon workshop completion at the end of the workshop.
  • Clothing brought in must be clean and dry.
FAQs Is this event free? This event is sponsored by the City of Carlsbad Sustainable Material Department. You must sign up in advance to bring your chosen item to mend and contact Sophie more than 48 hours before the event to confirm that your chosen item is suitable. Do I need to bring supplies? Bring your garment to mend that has been pre-approved by Sophie. We will provide the supplies to mend! Can I bring more than one item? For this event you can only bring one item. What kind of items can I bring? Please see below the checklist for guidance on what item you can bring. When you sign up you will be emailed by Sophie who will ask you to send a photo of your garment to make sure that it matches the criteria. This must be done more than 48 hours ahead of the event. Any sign-ups after that time will be given a project by Sophie. What type of clothing is accepted for this workshop? Please check the checklist below to see if your project matches the criteria for this workshop. When you sign up to the event you will be asked to email your project to Sophie who will confirm that it is suitable for this workshop. All fabric types are accepted.


April 1, 2023
10:30 am – 12:30 pm PDT
Event Category:
1250 Carlsbad Village Dr, Carlsbad, CA 92011
Carlsbad, CA 92011 US
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