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ZW Symposium 2015 Presentations

Presentations from the Tuesday, February 17th, 2015
Zero Waste Symposium: Step Towards a Sustainable Future

Introduction: On the Road To Zero Waste

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Richard Anthony
Zero Waste San Diego

Track 1: Organic Discards: Too Good to Waste!

  [slideonline id=36560]
Ana Carvahlo
City of San Diego
Environmental Services
Tara Gauthier and
Charlene Graham
  [slideonline id=36561]
Rich Flammer
Zero Waste San Diego
Jeff Bishop
Sustainable Solutions
Amanda Hong
Alicia Saake
Feeding America
Rick Crandall
Frank Konyn
Konyn Diary
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Jean Parkinson
VA Hospital

Track 2: California’s Green Rush – Maximizing Reuse and Recycling

Tedd Reiff
The Reuse People
Beth Forsberg
Goodwill of San Diego County
Richard McCaskill
Bob Hill
[slideonline id=34734][slideonline id=34732]
Kingsley McLaren
Prescott Management
Pauline Martinson
I Love a Clean San Diego

Track 3:  Sustainable Systems – Cities Leading the Way

 [slideonline id=34733]
Colleen Foster
City of Oceanside
Stephen Grealy
City of San Diego
Environmental Services
[slideonline id=34735][slideonline id=34736]
 Lynn France
City of Chula Vista
Manuel Medrano
City of Chula Vista
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Thomas Lenox