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Zero Waste Symposium Presenters

The 3rd Annual Zero Waste Symposium – held February 23, 2016 in the County of San Diego Operations Center – featured 28 presentations. The theme was “Programs and Policies Moving Us Closer to Zero,” and the content ranged from Government Action, to Programs for the Management of Organics… Reuse & Repair… a Haulers Forum on Meeting Regulatory Goals… and Marine Plastics. Keynote Speaker Captain Charlie Moore debuted a documentary film centered on his Algalita Marine Research and Education expeditions to the North Pacific Gyre.

Click on a title below to view the presentation on the YouTube channel “Bob Sly – ResourceZW”

Bob is the Media Director for Zero Waste San Diego, and he produces sustainability-related videos through his multimedia production company, Bigsly Enterprises.

Rick Anthony, Zero Waste San Diego – “Introduction to Zero Waste”

Ron Roberts, SD County Board of Supervisors – “Opening Comments”

John Dane, California Resource Recovery Association – “CRRA Membership”

David Alvarez, San Diego City Council – “Environmental Committe”

Deana Spehn, Assembly Member Atkins’ Office – “Message from Paris”

Cody Hooven, City of San Diego – “Climate Action Plan”

Captain Charlie Moore, Algalita Marine Research – “There is No Away”

Tyler Montgomery Soylu, Hidden Resources – “Organics Opportunities”

Nita Kurmins Gilson, Crop Swap – “Gleaning”

Jessica Toth, Solana Center – “Grassroots Organics Diversion”

Chuck Samuelson, Kitchens for Good – “Reducing Food Waste”

Bill Prinz, City of San Diego LEA – “New Composting Rules”

Elly Brown, San Diego Food System Alliance – “Unwasted Food”

Calla Rose Ostrander, Jenna & Michael King Foundation – “Marin Carbon Project”

Laura Anthony, Zero Waste San Diego – “Fixit Clinic”

Manuel Medrano, City of Chula Vista – “Reuse and Repair Committee”

Michael Wonsidler, County of San Diego – “Reuse and Repair Committee”

Daniel Kietzer, USBCSD – “Materials Marketplace Projects”

Colleen Foster, City of Oceanside – “Reuse and Repair with Goodwill”

Beth Forsberg, Goodwill Industries – “Reuse and Repair with Oceanside”

Natalie Roberts-DeCarli, I Love A Clean San Diego – “Zero Waste Workshops”

Chelsea Klaseus, City of San Diego – “Reuse and Repair Policies”

Elmer Heap, Waste Management – “Meeting Regulatory Goals”

Bob Hill, EDCO – “Meeting Regulatory Goals”

Carlos Jaime, Republic Services – “Meeting Regulatory Goals”

Dr. Kate Sheehan, PhD, Scripps Institute of Oceanography – “Marine Debris in Birds”

Jason Rubin, Surfrider Foundation – “Ocean Friendly Restaurants Campaign”

The Albatross Coalition